Insurance Agency Partner Solutions in Kansas City, MO

Collaboration leads to
reliable solutions.

Whether you’re looking to start your insurance agency or ready to take your existing agency to the next level, we have tailored solutions to help you reach your goals. With our group, we help provide real solutions. We also immediately plug you into our group, which is comprised of other like-minded entrepreneurial individuals like yourself. You’ll feel like you are part of a community vs. being all alone on an island. All while keeping your independence.

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Agency Start-ups

Starting an agency from scratch can be overwhelming, and not every business is the same. Let us help you formulate a plan, as well as provide you with market access, tools, and resources that are tailored to fit YOUR goals. When you sign up to work with us, we provide you with:

  • Carrier / Market Access
  • Business Plans to help you start
  • Marketing Plans to help you grow
  • A Community to assist with any questions or issues (intellectual capital)
  • Competitive commission structures and profit-sharing
  • Vendor discounts
  • Industry-leading tools and technology
  • Independence
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Existing Agencies

Congratulations! You’ve successfully started your insurance agency!

We can help you ride the wave of success by offering some tools, carriers, or resources to enhance what you’re already doing. By Joining Agency Management Solutions, we can help provide the following:

  • Carrier / Market Access
  • Top commission structures and profit-sharing
  • Vendor Discounts
  • Access to other agents like yourself to share ideas and ask questions with.
  • Industry-leading tools and technology
  • Product knowledge and development
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